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Full Service Content ID

Earn more, stress less through Rident's full service YouTube Content ID service for music publishing. We offer flexible, customizable agreements and policies with a dedicated personal representative. Ideal for large catalog owners.

Self Service Content ID

Rident's self-service platform is the quickest and easiest way for independent musicians, songwriter, and publishers to begin monetizing their compositions on YouTube. Through our simple self-service uploader, you'll expediently begin monetizing and collecting advertising and subscription revenue .

What Rident Provides

Full Statements

Rident provides full original statements for every payment issued within 30 days of funds received.

Claims & Dispute Management

Counterclaims and disputes are one of the most common ways people lose money on YouTube. Rident proactively resolves all conflicts through a dedicated team.

Superior Collections

All monetizations efforts are supplemented by a manual review process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


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