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I want Rident to collect and manage all rights and royalties on my behalf.

I want to choose which specific rights to have Rident collect and/or administer, and I may choose to leave out some rights to manage on my own.

Step 2

Do you own any publishing rights, or the rights to any other writer(s)'s publishing?

Step 3

Do you own the rights to your own master recordings, or to other performer(s)'s master recordings?

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Digital distribution

We're looking forward to working with you to complete your account setup!
Please answer the following question(s) in order to assist us in finalizing your account.

Would you like the option to digitally distribute future or current recordings to iTunes, Spotify, and other digital service providers via Rident?

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Simplify your royalty collections today!

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Additional information

Depending on the rights selected in the registration process, you may be receiving payments from Rident in the future. Please complete the below information so that we may ensure that any eligible payments reach you:

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